It has been weeks since I last did any blog-reading. So it isn’t just that I’m blogging irregularly. I’m also totally behind on everything happening in the knitting, spinning, and cooking blogosphere. I (partially) blame the death of Google Reader. I like routines and systems, and even though I’ve been using Feedly, I don’t like it anywhere near as much. And then, of course, the work is piling up: dissertation-writing, lots of conferences, fellowship applications and (eek!) even a job application or two.


But this helps, right?


And this?


I snapped this picture of Boh hiding amongst the book piles earlier today.


And here’s what I had for dinner: a farm veggie stirfry. It was just what I wanted to eat — comforting and autumnal, if that makes sense. I’ve spent today (and yesterday, too) getting resettled here after almost two weeks of research in DC. Want to see what that looked like?


Chai and a cookie at my favorite spot to unwind after a day at the archives.



Pickling all the things at Champ’s apartment.


Mini-galettes filled with butternut squash, caramelized onions, fontina and sage.


DC sunset from Champ’s balcony.


Homemade rice cakes in both sweet and savory flavors.


Oh!  And a self-portrait snapped in a well-lit restroom, which I’ll share so you can see my new bag in action.


It is enormous and I love it. I had a great time in DC, but I am happy to be home. Happy almost October, blog-friends!


12 thoughts on “confession.

  1. Ooooh,pickling! What fun. Do I see okra in there? I may have to do that with the last of the okra the deer didn’t get in my community plot. Got to love a bag that fits everything but the kitchen sink. :-) Good to see you back.

  2. I’m missing Google Reader, too! I’m using The Old Reader at present, which is rather slow to load and clunky, but at least kind of similar to Google Reader.

    You sound busy! Job applications already?!? Wow! I’m impressed. Love the new bag, and congrats on another successful research trip.

  3. Glad I’m not the only one; haven’t posted in months and I agree that feedly makes keeping track of my favourite blogs harder. Good luck for the application progress! Also, nice bag! Take care!

  4. Welcome home :)

    It’s always nice to see what you’ve been up to – and Boh, of course :)

    Just take a step back and breathe – you certainly have more than most going on in your life, so just take it easy and do the things you most enjoy and need to do for yourself, when you have some “down” time – nothing is more frustrating than feeling pressured to engage.

  5. Welcome back! You’ve been missed. I hope you’re able to find some comfort in routine as the leaves start to change.

  6. Hi Amy and Boh! I feel the same about Google Reader. I’m now using Bloglovin’ but I seem to be reading blogs less and less and I blame the format switch.

  7. Wow so great to catch up, great seeing you and Bo, I do love the new bag, perfect fall addition! Wish I could of got some pickles made but Seattle’s wonky weather this year didnt make good pickling cukes for me. Too bitter.

    Will miss reading and having all my blogs on my homepage, igoogle is going away, boo! Sometimes, I wish things were just left alone.

  8. i never used google reader, so i can’t really mourn it’s passing, or comment on the differences; but i use bloglovin, and i’m fairly fond of it.

  9. I love that “awesome sauce” is a flavor!

    Yeah, I miss Google Reader, too. I flit between Bloglovin’ and The Old Reader, neither of which is ideal.

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