happily, predictably…


The cold weather has returned, and with it, a little bit of knitting mojo. Wrapped in my Mara shawl and with my Terra on my lap, I finally finished my Snowbird cardigan. All that remained was an inch of one pocket, sewing the pocket linings, and weaving in the ends. It took a couple of hours (and several podcasts), but I did it. Here’s a pre-blocking shot:


(Forgive my bleary eyes and pjs.)


And here it is, blocking on the dining room table. The sleeves fit perfectly, but the body is a bit loose. Shouldn’t matter too much because it is an open cardigan, but depending on how it fits when it is dry, I might (gasp) toss it in the dryer to snug it up a bit. Stay tuned.


It felt so good to be knitting that I even managed a couple of repeats on my Bristol hat. (Funny how that happens when the deadlines feel overwhelming. I’ve got a conference paper, a talk, a job application, and some dissertation chapters that need finishing on my plate right now…)

Want to see what else has been going on around here this week?


No idea what’s going on in this picture. (And please, disregard the newsprint filled with dissertation-related list-making on the wall behind him.)


Last bare-legged day of the season, I’m guessing. (These boots are in terrible shape, but I can’t bring myself to retire them…)


An impromptu dinner party on Monday night, complete with butternut squash galette.


Glorious sunlight on the good walk we’ve been aiming to take at least once a week.


Boh, not at all interested in the epic waterfall behind him.


One of us will not be mistaken for a deer.


Tuckered out. I woke up yesterday to find Boh with his head on the pillow next to me. Silly, silly dog.


One more bit of silliness: sharks surround Manhattan. Just a little bit of Friday night fun with sharks from M’s sharknado Halloween costume…

Hope you’re all well. I still haven’t found a solution to my Feedly problem, and it feels so strange to be blogging while I feel so behind on all of your adventures. Forgive me. And happy knitting!


7 thoughts on “happily, predictably…

  1. Glad that you’re back and still around. Sometimes a bit of knitting is just the required break from all that you have going on – and – bonus – you finished a project! That’s stimulation and motivation that should hopefully carry you through on other work related and maybe even a smidgen of knitting business :)

    Walk safely and … lol …. well colorfully — hunting season everywhere!

  2. Wow. That butternut squash galette looks wonderful.

    You can take your boots to a shoe repair shop and they’ll make the leather look new again. You can wear your beloved boots a while longer. :-)

    Boh … he just makes a picture of a beautiful waterfall that much better, doesn’t he? You live in such a pretty area. Those outdoor photos are just beautiful.

  3. Looks like a good few days to me! Love the sweater, and hope you’ll give us a final modeling shot once it’s blocked.

    And of course, I always love any and all pictures of sweet Boh. Please give him a kiss from me!

  4. Knitting. Cooking. Walks. Life is good. (Not sure how my daughters didn’t know about show polish until last winter. Their dad rescued their much loved–and worn–boots with a good polishing.)

  5. Very cozy! Love how snowbird turned out, even if it is a little roomy. Snow was flying yesterday, so I am back in the mood to knit, too! Best of luck with all your work.

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