still no knitting…

But I’ve got lots of food, Boh, and the porch. Here’s what’s been happening ’round here this week.


It was cold enough that I needed my puffy coat to be on the porch. In June.


No idea what this guy is up to here.


Chocolate dipped frozen bananas, some with almonds, for an Arrested Development viewing party.


I just liked this combination of many of my favorite things. That blue pullover vest is maybe the first piece of gear I bought in college when I started leading backpacking trips. It has traveled the world with me, and it is still one of my favorite things to grab when I’m just a little bit chilled.


A dear friend came to town last weekend, and we made a breakfast feast: toast, fresh tomatoes, a wonderful carrot and radish slaw, and eggs with spinach and fresh basil.


Bedroom eyes?


Working while Boh keeps watch.


More working. Boh not exactly watching.


Tree along the path behind my house. Hard to see in this picture, but there’s evidence of pileated woodpecker work on this trunk.


More porch reading — prepping for the course I’m TAing this summer.


Last night. This dog wanted to snuggle, and I was happy to read a graphic novel while he lounged, napped, and snored.


This morning: coffee and breakfast (biscuits, yogurt, blueberries, and last year’s canned peaches) on the porch.

We’re easing into summer over here, and trying to balance different kinds of work with at least some summer fun. How is your summer going? Also, what are you guys knitting? I need some inspiration.


9 thoughts on “still no knitting…

  1. Love the photos. I am knitting my second Radian Yoke Sweater. Lovely patten and doing it in a cotton, linen blend.

  2. I could exchange winter-coat-June for heat-wave-June from tomorrow on, if you’d like! As for knitting, I’m afraid I’m as uninspired as you at the moment. Still spinning, though! Which graphic novel are you reading?

  3. I love your pictures, especially of Boh. It was chilly here, so I started working on my ten-stitch blanket again. Also on the needles: a Grapevine in blues and a Different Lines in frogged sock yarn. I recently finished a Clapotis in heavy, silvery yarn that I love but haven’t worn yet. Other than that, just reading and writing and enjoying the quieter schedule.

  4. Love your pics of Boh. He’s just a magnet for the camera! I am knitting dozens of Nordic star mittens in worsted weight to give as gifts. My younger son is finishing elementary school and I want to say thank you to the many wonderful teachers who worked with him and with my older son.

  5. Glad to see you back here at your space. I always find is so soothing to see your snaps and read about what’s up. :)
    I hope you find some knitting inspiration soon … I too am looking for it.

  6. Just finished knitting a shawl called “Ripples” and my Lightweight Pullover, now I’m onto the Larch cardigan, finishing up a sweater for my son and sometimes knitting a repeat or two on the Rock Island Shawl. Maybe not that the heat is sneaking in the knitting will be put aside for more sewing and garden time. . . :)

  7. Mmmm… those bananas look delicious, as does that breakfast! I am knitting away, but I’ve been very bad about taking pictures and blogging lately. So much computer time at work that I just don’t feel like playing around on the computer in my free time. I finally finished Pop Spots, though, and I’m working on a Pear Drop shawlette (Ysolda Teague) in a lovely dark red. Hope the research, lake time, and adventures with Boh are going well!

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