hello, june.

It seems I managed not to post while in Chicago. I also managed to not knit a stitch in Chicago. Those two statements might be related. Anyway, I did think about casting something on today, so I imagine I’ll have knitting content to share soon.

In the meantime, I am NOT going to show you pictures of how I managed to skin my knee and the top of my foot pretty badly on Saturday walking down to the dock. There is road work resulting in very finely powdered blacktop and gravel that I am now (ahem) aware of. Loose road dust plus a steep descent in flip flops do not make for a pretty result.

But this makes up for it:




So does this.


And this.


Tango hung out with us this weekend while his person was busy working long shifts at our town’s annual summer festival.


And then today, after running a bunch of errands — bank, groceries, library — Boh and I went for a really good walk.


And then we did some work down on the dock.



I really did have a great time in Chicago, but it is good to be home.


6 thoughts on “hello, june.

  1. Welcome home! Sorry to hear about the knee, but I’m glad you’re enjoying the lake already.

  2. Glad you made it home safely. I’m sure Boh has missed you and you, him. That dock work looks so relaxing. ha What a beautiful place to spend time.

  3. Welcome home! Sounds like your time in Chicago was productive, and it must be fantastic to be back. Such an amazing time of year here, I don’t want to be anywhere else.

  4. You’re starting this summer right! Sorry about your foot. :( But that view + Boh + beer = awesome. Welcome home!

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