time = flying.

Instead of apologizing again for disappearing, I’m just going to share some pictures I snapped since last I posted. I’m feeling rushed in everything I’m doing right now, and I’m just not finding the time to knit, blog, and correspond. Out loud, I’m blaming commuting, but really I think it is just that there’s a lot of noise in my head, so much to do, so much I’m anxious about not doing, so much uncertainty all around. I’m finding it hard to quiet my head at the end of the day. Thanks for understanding if I’m not as present here as I’d like to be while I’m away from my home and regular routine. Sigh.

Want to see some pictures?


Atrium linking the Portrait Gallery and the American Art Museum. Already one of my favorite spots in DC.


Sunset, with the Washington Monument barely visible behind this tree. Snapped moments after leaving work for the day.


My new Constitution mug, a must-have for all Americanists — and a birthday present.


Another birthday mug — my friends know me well. This one was accompanied by some fancy espresso powder for baking. Stay tuned for kitchen adventures with that!


Birthday flowers from K., who is dear to me and far away. I’ve been enjoying them every morning alongside my coffee and cereal.


Sculpture Garden. I love this tree.


The Capitol on a sunny day.


The Portrait Gallery at night.

Happy weekend — and happy knitting! I’m hoping to do a little bit this afternoon.


4 thoughts on “time = flying.

  1. Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday! I’ve finished 1 1/2 pair of socks and a hat since Jan 1…thanks for motivating me. I’ve been to DC 3 times, always in July :( Hot, hot hot.

  2. *Sigh….* I love DC. My husband lived there for several years after college and still has a bunch of friends in the area, so we’ve had a nice excuse to get back there a few times. Thanks for sharing your photos…I wish I were there right now, too! I can imagine with all you’re doing that it’s hard to spend time blogging, etc. And I can attest to the fact that commuting can suck a LOT of time and energy out of a person, so I think that’s a fair target. Enjoy your time there, and don’t worry about blogging frequency…we’ll still be here when you get back!

  3. Thank you for the great pictures. I envy you being in DC. When I was MUCH younger, I fancied myself working for a congressperson, though back then they were mostly all men, and living the exciting life of a Washingtonian. I hope you are having a grand time. The cherry trees will be in bloom before to long and it will be absolutely beautiful. Hmmm, maybe I should plan a road trip for my husband and myself?
    How’s Mr. Boh?

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