unintended absence…

Hi, you guys! Apologies for what has been an entirely unintended absence from the blog! I made it to DC on schedule, but accidentally brought a pretty nasty cold/flu with me. My first week was a bit of a blur, and now that it’s been almost three (?!), I’m finally settling into a rhythm. Here’s a little bit of what that looks like:


National Archives at night. Last night, in fact. Snapped this on my way to meet a dear friend for dinner.


My office — and my new shiny piece of technology. (I bought an iPad mini, and I love it. It has already been more useful than I could have imagined for my work. I’m reading and annotating articles and drafts, and using it as a second screen while reviewing documents and making notes. Super awesome.) Also, that’s a bowl of tabbouleh. I’m still getting used to packing my lunch every morning. At home, most days I split my work between home and campus or a coffee shop, and head back to the house to walk Boh and make lunch.


Birds! I don’t intend to share lots of work stuff here, but I figured that knitters might appreciate these gorgeous, vibrant birds. (One of the people I write about in my dissertation was a naturalist who collected a lot of specimens for the Smithsonian.)


Yarn! Foxflat was in town, and we met up to do some yarn shopping and tea drinking. Hooray for internet friends who become real-life friends!


Consider this proof of our lovely afternoon (and my inability to keep my eyes open in photos). I have plans to knit a spring cowl ouf of that super happy Quince and Co. yarn. Also, I’m totally psyched about that sweater Katie is wearing — she posted about it here, and it is even more fantastic in person.

Alright, that’s what I’ve got for now. I’m embarrassingly far behind on replying to comments, but it’s on my to-do list. (Which, by the way, I’m working to digitize. I highly recommend Workflowy, and if you want to check it out, use this link, and we’ll both get a little extra space. No pressure, of course.)

Happy Groundhog Day — and happy weekend! More soon.


8 thoughts on “unintended absence…

  1. as soon as i saw the sweater she was wearing i thought ‘oooh, i hope there’s a link to have a better look at that!’ gorgeous. glad you’ve finally shaken your bug!

  2. Welcome back, and glad to hear you’ve recovered!

    BTW, I also had a nasty cold, and made myself Smitten Kitchen’s chicken noodle soup, inspired by all your SK posts. It was perfect. So thanks!

  3. I’m glad you’re settling in with your new routine in DC, and thanks for sharing the awesome photos! (I love the birds.) Glad you’re also fitting some knitting-related shopping/socializing in there, too!

  4. Glad you’re feeling better. It sounds like you’re having a great time in D.C.; it is an incredible town.
    I thought Boh was going to go to your parents, I’m sure it’s nice to have him with you.
    I love that green from Quince and Co., a spring cowl will be perfect while your out walking amongst the cherry blossoms.

  5. Glad you back and feeling better. My pre-Christmas weeks were filled with pneumonia. Lots of yucky stuff going ’round. Don’t overdo. I got an iPad mini for Christmas. I’ve used it so much more than the old full-size one. Enjoy your adventure!

  6. yay! thanks for posting the pic. there’s even a little ray of sunshine that snuck in there…proof of our nice knitting and tea filled day :) You’ve been such a good blog friend and I’m so glad we were able to meet in person

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