On Sunday I participated in #forwardonclimate, alongside somewhere between 35,000 and 50,000 other people who gathered at the Washington Monument to push President Obama to stop the Keystone Pipeline (#nokxl) and to enact meaningful legislation on climate change. It was a small way to engage, to be sure, but it was pretty cool to be part of a crowd that was larger than the population of my town.

Other things happening this week?


Croissant breakfast sandwich and a latte in a bird mug at a local coffee shop.


The closest I’ve been to camping in quite awhile — the furnace needs a replacement part, so I’m staying home this morning to meet the repairman. (Last night we got out sleeping bags and warm layers, and honestly, I slept better than I have in a long time. I really need to go camping.)

Lastly, a Boh report. He’s with my parents, and seems to be having a wonderful time. I miss him terribly, and I’m very excited to see him this weekend — I’m heading to their house for February Turkey Dinner, an annual gathering we host that’s basically a Thanksgiving meal without the rush of the holidays. I promise to snap at least a few pictures of Boh being adorable.

Happy Wednesday!

*Also, the image sizes seem to be a bit wonky today. iPhoto doesn’t seem to want to export them in the size I specified…


4 thoughts on “#forwardonclimate.

  1. Very, very cool — all of it! I’m glad to hear that Boh’s doing well at his “grandparents'” house (grandparents seem to be fun for both kids AND dogs!) and that you’ll get to see him soon. How brilliant is the “February Turkey Dinner” idea?!

  2. Thank you for protesting the pipeline, it infuriates me that it seems to be happening without much to do. I could write a lot more, but it’s not appropriate here.
    I’m sure Boh will be beyond happy to see you, he is such a sweetie.
    What a great idea, February Turkey Dinner, yum!!
    Can’t wait to see Boh pictures.

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