That, my friends, is the sound of deadlines passing. I’ve managed to stay on top of the stuff with deadlines set by other people, and I’m working on accepting that perhaps I was too ambitious in setting some deadlines for myself this winter break. Really hard to be in the right mindset to finish up a chapter draft while my house (and let’s face it, life) is in disarray. I do not like being in between. I know this about myself, and I should’ve been kinder to myself about what kind of writing was manageable during this period of transition. Lesson learned (let’s hope). In the meantime, I’ve got a head cold, and I’m mostly packed up. Heading to DC today, and hoping to leave the cold behind. Want to see some pictures from this week?


Boh, contemplating the view from our friend M.’s window and wondering if anybody is going to fix him a drink.


I finally blocked Agnes, and the neckline is more relaxed now (and so much more comfortable). The length is better too, though if I were knitting this again, I’d add a few more inches so that it hits at the hip when I’m not pulling it down with my hand in a pocket.)


More Hudson Bay Inspired Blanket knitting. I love the way this is turning out. Endless garter stitch has been exactly what I’ve wanted to work on lately, so this is definitely coming with me to DC.


Sweet, sweet dog. He’s settled in now at my parents’ house, and it sounds like all is well. The house has been so quiet without him here, and I’ve found myself listening for the padding of paws and the jingle of his collar. I know he’ll be much happier where he is, but this will be the longest we’ve ever been apart.


A stunning sunset. Almost as if the universe wanted to leave me with a reminder of how much I’ll miss my cozy lake house. Fingers crossed that my subletter takes good care of it while I am away.


Time to work through my last to-do list and hit the road. More from DC!


11 thoughts on “whoosh.

  1. Your photos are gorgeous! Love the sweater, blanket, and as always, sweet Boh. Let me know where in DC you’ll be and maybe we can meet up. Check out Looped on Connecticut Ave., and fibre space in Alexandria, while you are there too. They are both fabulous shops you won’t want to miss. Good luck!

  2. Safe travels, dear Rooster! Sometimes, I’m learning, deadlines are there to get us to do more than we might have otherwise. Even if everything isn’t finished. You and Boh will make it through the changes! xx

  3. Good luck with your plans in DC. It’s hard to leave the babies behind. Do you have a link for the blanket? It’s gorgeous!

  4. Happy trails! I too do poorly with in-betweens, so I understand what you mean. I hope we can plan a day to meet up in DC while you’re there! Be kind to yourself; I hope you’re able to find some time to enjoy my favorite city on earth. (Hint: La Loma on Mass Ave. has the best margaritas I’ve ever tasted, hands down.)

  5. I agree with katie m. above about deadlines sometimes being there just to get you to do more than usual. If missing them isn’t putting you far behind where you should be, or if it’s not going to make things absolutely unmanageable later, then you should be kind to yourself now and not beat yourself up about it! Safe travels to DC!
    Oh, and Agnes looks GORGEOUS.

  6. bon voyage! that sunset was stunning! i’ll miss boh’s mug around this blog, but i’m excited to hear about your adventures!

  7. Just want to wish you well on your endeavor in D.C. (my favorite town). I hope you get a chance to scout the great yarn shops in and around D.C.
    I will miss pictures of Boh, maybe your parents can send you some to post. He is such a sweety.

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