the usual?




Things have been rather quiet around la casa Rooster this week. We’re in transition: I’m trying to wrap up some applications and a chapter draft, and I’m also trying to get my house ready for a subletter and my life ready to move to DC for a couple of months. All that means I’m also gearing up to take Boh to stay with my parents. I know he’ll love it there, but I’ve been realizing that “the usual” — which mostly consists of quiet dog-cuddling while I work — is going to change, at least for a little while.



Also, it’s cold! Hence knits in action. I also recommend squishy garter stitch blanket knitting.



I love the way this is knitting up.


One more sweet Boh picture. Yesterday he figured out that this corner of the coffee table base is the perfect size and shape for his head. Silly, silly dog. Okay, back to the to-do list!


7 thoughts on “the usual?

  1. lots of changes afoot! if you find yourself wanting to visit philly and explore a bit, you’re always welcome to sleep on my couch and drink beers with me!

  2. Oh, Boh! Your squooshy face is so perfect!
    Take good care, Amy. We’ll have to meet for coffee this spring when you get back.

  3. aww i know you’ll miss cuddling with Boh for a while. Have fun in DC. I just dropped Read off at the airport today b/c he’s studying there too for a month. At Dumbarton Oaks.

  4. Even though he’ll be in good hands, and you’ll be having adventures of your own, I’d miss cuddling with the little guy! :( Still cheering you on re: 2013 goals…I think easing in is the best way to do it!

  5. Big changes in store, that’s for sure! It’s terrific that you managed to find a subletter, and I’m sure Boh will be in good hands while you’re away, though it will be hard. I hope all goes well in D.C. and you get a lot done!

    Looking forward to seeing you in May!

  6. Stay warm! And collect as many cuddles as possible! I hope you’ve got plenty of adventures planned in DC … I’m sure Boh has big plans lined up. Good luck rolling with the changes!

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