As in, good thing the snow is lovely, because it sure is heavy. Boh and I got home on Saturday afternoon. Can you see our foot- and paw prints in the snow? I parked at the bottom of the driveway and spent the last remaining hour of daylight shoveling a path to get the car up to its parking spot at the top of the driveway. And then it kept snowing, which meant I spent much of yesterday shoveling the whole thing again, but in batches because I was sore from Saturday’s shoveling effort. All of that strikes me as a pretty good stand-in for 2012. Some big stuff, some lovely stuff, and a lot of slow, steady working on and working through stuff.

In 2012, I turned 30. I published my first piece. I started writing my dissertation. I taught the first class that was entirely my own. I was the maid of honor in my best friend’s wedding. I returned to the Southwest for work and play. All good things, even that birthday. But 2012 was also a solitary year, filled with anxiety about work and life, about the future writ both large and small. Lots of reflection on my choices and what they might mean for what comes next. Lots of working on trying to let all that I have be enough for me right now, while allowing some space for the universe to surprise me. I’m going to keep working on that in 2013.

I read over my 2012 blog posts this morning in anticipation of an end-of-the-year entry, and I discovered that I actually did a fair amount of knitting this year. I completed 12 projects, including a handful of wedding presents and a shawl for my best friend. I finished some long-languishing projects, and even began my first destash. In 2013 I want to just keep going. There are more wedding gifts to knit, and more projects started long ago that I’d like to complete. I also want to knit up some yarn/pattern pairings I’ve been daydreaming about for years (hello, effortless cardigan, aidez, lightweight pullover, daybreak shawl, and others), and I’m hoping to use more handspun. And most importantly, I want to keep knitting as part of the pile of things I do to take care of myself.

I made solid progress towards establishing a writing practice in 2012. I struggled to balance teaching and writing in the spring, and did a better job this fall. In 2013, at least as things stand right now, I will not be teaching; only writing. I’m hoping this flexibility will allow me to create the kind of writing practice I want, and to make it a routine in 2013. And perhaps 2013 will be the year I get serious about my home yoga practice. I dabbled this year, occasionally getting out the mat and doing a few small things — dolphin, bridge, a sun salutation or two — in the morning with my coffee. But it isn’t enough. I could see and feel the impact of three classes a week on my happiness, health, and fitness, and though the two classes I’ve been able to make work with my schedule this year are wonderful, it isn’t the same. So that’s what I’m going to aim for this year: more writing, more knitting, more yoga.


And when I finished my final round of shoveling yesterday, the sun came out.


This guy knows 2012 is ending, and that in 2013 he’s going to spend a little bit of time frolicking at my parents’ house while I am in DC. (This was Boh’s big Christmas present, and I am so very grateful.) He crawled into my lap yesterday, and I managed to snap this blurry picture. I’m pretty sure Boh’s plans for 2013 are about the same as his plans for 2012: lounge, cuddle, eat, play, snore.

Happy New Year! And from me and Boh to you and yours: thanks for reading.


9 thoughts on “lovely/heavy.

  1. Happy new year! I would love to hear more about your writing practice, as I’m working to improve my own before I get to the dissertation stage (still a few years away, but I have a lot of bad habits to break).

  2. Happy new year to you! I hope that your 2013 is successful and productive. I, too, need to get into yoga more in the next year — doctor’s orders (really!).

  3. Congrats on all the accomplishments and good things from 2012! Huzzah for diss. work, publishing, teaching, etc. All best wishes for 2013 — I’m impressed by how you’re carefully cultivating your writing practice. I should be so good! I have found, too, that teaching takes up as much time as you let it. The work expands to fill the available hours, and there’s no end to what you could do (prep, grading, etc.) — so in the end I scheduled my teaching time very carefully, making use of little snippets of time where it would be hard for me to research/write.

  4. Happy new year! Thank you for this sharing of your journey and I look forward to seeing what you do in 2013. I will be focussing on developing a regular writing practice and returning to regular yoga practice, so I will be cheering you on (and likely learning something) especially on those points. (I also quite like Boh’s plans. I should try to fit more play into my life.)

  5. Happy New Year! It’s been wonderful following your knits and accomplishments over the past year — I’ll be cheering you on from afar in 2013 in support of your writing/knitting/yoga endeavors!

  6. So many good things this year! Even just getting through … man, I hear you on that one. It’s been a long year, and I’m looking forward to working toward some more balance, too. Wishing you a new year full of wonderful surprises, woolly adventures, and cuddly Boh!

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