apple crisp.

I love apple crisp season. You know what else I love? The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. If you’re a regular reader here at Chez Rooster, you already know that Deb and Smitten Kitchen are my go-to cooking resource on the interwebs. This cookbook is amazing, and totally worth the wait. I want to make (and eat) it all. The crisp part of the apple crisp I made (twice) comes from Deb’s apricot crisp recipe, and it is the best crisp topping I’ve ever prepared. I expect that lots of recipes from this book will find their way into my kitchen rotation. I’ll keep you posted as I cook from it.

And Snowbird is moving right along — I finished the second sleeve yesterday, and began working on the body. I’ve never knit a sweater that instructs you to knit the sleeves first, but it feels great to know that once the body is done, I’ll be pretty close to done knitting this sweater! I plan to alternate knitting with transcribing research photos this afternoon. (And tea-drinking.)

And then there’s this guy. I have no idea what he is doing with his tail in this picture, which is why I took it. This is how he was sitting on the couch when we came in from our walk. Now he’s snoring loudly, and I imagine he’ll be out cold for much of the middle of the day. Here’s to a cozy and productive weekend!


6 thoughts on “apple crisp.

  1. Yum! Apples are really one of the best things about fall … and in crisp form, they are perfect. (Says the girl from WA.) All of this looks lovely. Hope you and Boh are staying cozy!

  2. Delicious! I have to check out that cookbook. Apple crisp is one of my favorites.

    Snowbird is going really quickly — I’m impressed. How’s the mouse situation? I hope for your sake that they’ve all moved on!

  3. Oh man does that crisp look good. I’ve been eying the cookbook…maybe I need to ask for it for Christmas…or get it for myself as an early present…

    I’ve only knit sleeves-before-body a couple of times, but it’s awesome! You get to the end of the body and it’s like, “Ok, I just have the sleeves to go….wait a sec, they’re already done!”

  4. Oh, yummy apple crisp! I’m usually more the crumble type but with apples there have to be oats! Snowbird is looking good! Knitting the sleeves before the body has the added benefit of not having to unscrew a huge weight every few rounds… That cookbook already made my christmas wishlist.

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