boh and buttercup.

Pretty straightforward stuff here today. Boh and buttercup. Together.

I’m done with the feather and fan neckline, and I’m working on the body. Here’s a picture I snapped when I was trying it on to decide whether to do the A-line body increases or not. (I decided not, for fit as well as yarn quantity reasons.)

A stripey apron that I adore. (It came from my friend T.’s kitchen.)

And we’re back to Boh and buttercup. So sweet. Happy Friday, everyone!


3 thoughts on “boh and buttercup.

  1. Your Buttercup’s looking awesome! I picked up my Grapevine top (very similar, but with longer sleeves) after 2 years and I’m determined to finish it before the end of summer this time.

  2. Buttercup is looking great! I love the color and the little bit of lace at the neckline. Happy weekend to you and Boh!

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