saturday night whisper.

As an afterthought, I slipped my whisper on and snapped a few photos before meeting some friends for drinks at my favorite neighborhood bar. This needs a better blocking, and if I were knitting it again, I’d make it a bit longer. I put this cardigan on fairly often, but rarely do I wear it out of the house. Not so last night. This is my favorite way to wear whisper so far — and it was exactly the amount of warmth I needed to sit outside late into the evening.

Ignore whatever face I’m making there.

Something else I enjoyed on Saturday night? This kale salad. There are versions of this salad everywhere on the internet, and the key is to massage the kale. I’m not kidding. My friend M. made this for me on Friday with her farm veggies, and it was so good that I decided to make it with mine. I ate it from the porch while the sun set, which is why I needed the flash. A good day.

Happy weekend!


3 thoughts on “saturday night whisper.

  1. Whisper looks terrific! Soft, cozy, and light. Massaging kale? Wowza! I often make a simple kale salad with parm, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil. Yum!

  2. That is one fine looking Whisper! And perfect for an evening out … that kale: perfect for an evening in!

  3. Love that you are wearing your Whisper outside of the house. It really looks great on you! Thanks for the kale link. I’ll definitely be making it for lunch one of these days- as soon as I find it at Farmer’s Market.

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