weekend frolicking. also, buttercup.

Boh and I took a long, meandering walk with M. this weekend. This spot was new to me, despite being just a few miles from my house.

We walked through meadows, shady forests, and then with our feet (paws) in the creek. Boh loved it, and we’ll definitely be back.

That put Boh to sleep for the rest of the afternoon!

Which allowed me plenty of time to keep working on Buttercup.

I’m really enjoying this, and if I bring this with me to the lectures of my summer TAing gig (planning to check that the prof I’m working for is okay with this, but I think he will be), I think the stockinette portion will move right along.

This book is significantly larger than Boh’s head. Not that anyone is measuring. I’m off to campus for a couple of meetings today. And later, I have a date with the lake. (It’s a standing date, really, for any days where the temperature is supposed to reach into the 90s.) Stay cool!


3 thoughts on “weekend frolicking. also, buttercup.

  1. I have buttercup in my que also. It looks like a fairly easy knit and not a loooong knit. Can’t wait to see yours finished.

    Boh must love all those walks in nature. You live in such a beautiful area. Enjoy the lake date.

  2. This looks like an amazing weekend! I love that you’re knitting Buttercup in yellow, btw.

    I didn’t realize that your area had been hit by the heat wave, too. Ugh! At least there’s the lake. :)

  3. I’m with Jodi — this looks like a lovely weekend. Good luck on the knitting progress … and the reading progress!

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