angle of repose?

Boh and I have spent much of the last several days snuggled up on the couch re-reading some Wallace Stegner. I’d say Boh has found his angle of repose, wouldn’t you? (My Agnes sweater is perfect for reading late into the night.)

Also, I’ve been seeing a pair of pileated woodpeckers in the yard with some regularity over the last couple of weeks. I only had my phone handy, so this is the best I could do. Isn’t s/he lovely?


7 thoughts on “angle of repose?

  1. You two look so cozy! I read that book years ago and all I remember is that I liked it. Perhaps it’s time for a reread?

  2. I have pileated woodpeckers in my back wooded wetland too. They are magnificent creatures. Males and females look the same btw. Juveniles are grey. I had a pine tree that they would take their offspring to practice they’re wood pecking skills on. Sadly the tree broke and fell along with a few others and I don’t see them as often.

    Nothing better than pupper snuggles.

  3. I used to think woodpeckers were cute until one started pecking away at my house…and always early in the morning when I wanted to sleep in.

  4. Looks oh-so-cozy! That Boh is a clever fellow. Sounds like I should give Angle of Repose another try! I started it a few years ago and somehow put it down and forgot about it.

    I just hung my backyard bird feeder and am hoping for a few avian visitors myself.

  5. That is some serious snuggling! I hope you two got a lot of reading accomplished — a woolly sweater always helps. And happy bird watching!

    p.s. My sister’s boyfriend once accidentally referred to woodpeckers as “birdpeckers” — very loudly and proudly in the pet store. Still makes me giggle.

  6. What an adorable Boh. He does get into some serious cute positions.
    I’m an animal lover, that’s why I’m a vegetarian. However, woodpeckers, any type, are on my “hate” list. We have a woodpecker that loves the siding on our house We’ve counted at least 10 holes. Short of trapping/killing them we are at a loss as to how to stop them from turning our house into Swiss cheese. Right now we just beat the walls on the inside or run outside and yell at them. I’m sure our neighbors think we’ve gone round the bend.
    Keep snuggling Boh, it is the season for some serious snuggling.

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