mussels and brussels(prouts).

Last week one of my favorite people returned from a semester of travel in the South. We celebrated with rye and a delicious seafood stew that she made in my kitchen. (I helped. And by “helped,” I mean I poured the rye.)


Sitting down to dinner: big bowls of stew, good cheese, and fancy olives. Yum!

Also, (local and happy) bacon and brussel sprouts. This year, one of my Christmas presents to myself was a small share in a local charcuterie CSA. On my way back into town from my parents’ house, I stopped in for some bacon to go with a huge bag of brussel sprouts I already had in the car. (Big bags of brussel sprouts were on sale in the grocery store near my parents’ house, and I couldn’t resist.)


This meal was so good I made it twice, including on New Year’s Eve. I can’t find the recipe I loosely followed (it might be this one), but basically I cooked the bacon in my big cast iron pan, added the brussel sprouts and a generous amount of salt and pepper, and then put them in the oven for about half an hour, stirring occasionally. The second time I made them, I added a little bit of balsamic at the end. These are pure magic.

Alright, off to make soup (and manhattans) at M’s place tonight! More soon.


4 thoughts on “mussels and brussels(prouts).

  1. I love mussels, and the idea of cooking them in rye (instead of beer or wine) sounds amazing. We’re on a huge bourbon kick here at Caffeinated Yarn right now.

    And a charcuterie CSA?!? You just blew my mind. I made Heidi’s recipe for gougères (that you recommended) twice in the past week, and they’re terrific. Not so terrific, however, was our friends’ insistence on calling them “cheesy biscuits.” :(

  2. Yay for all of this! In fact, you just might have found the perfect way to start the semester.

  3. You always peak my foodie interests with your amazing dishes. Brussel Sprouts with bacon are going to be a must for me this year!

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