a post from last week.

So I formatted a handful of photos for a blog post last week — and then life got in the way, and it turns out I never actually wrote the post. Forgive me; I’m a little bit frazzled. This is the week before classes start, and I’ve been hustling to get everything in order for my very first course as the instructor of record: I pitched the class, wrote the syllabus, and students enrolled! (I TAed my second and third years of grad school — and enjoyed lots of autonomy and the professional/personal development that accompanies it — but this is the first class that is entirely mine, if that makes sense.) Bear with me as I try to establish a rhythm for the semester.

More reading and Boh snuggling occurred last week.

And an amazing care package arrived from New Mexico: green chile, red chile powder, tortillas, biscochitos, even yarn (made partially of possums?!) from my friends’ recent trip to New Zealand! Boh’s reaction made me smile — he must remember the desert. And he has been extra attentive whenever the green chile and tortillas are out. Good boy.

Morning sweetness.

Creamed spinach. (And a little bit of kale.) Easy and so good.

We finished Stegner last week. I think Boh was sad for it to end — we haven’t been parked on the couch with a good book at all this week. Instead, he keeps wandering into my office, sighing, and collapsing into a pile of sleepy dog on the floor near my desk. It is cold, snowy, and blustery today, but I’m hoping to bundle up and give him an extra good walk.

Hope you’re staying warm/wrapped in handknits, wherever you are. (And stay tuned: there’s some gorgeous yarn on my dining room table right now that I need to tell you about. And cast on with.)


8 thoughts on “a post from last week.

  1. Thinking about you my friend and the start of your class! The creamed spinach looks so wonderful for a cold and snowy day.

    Thanks for the sweet comment about my cowl last week. I meant to write back right away but the week got away from me as well too. It was one of the easiest and most worn things I have ever knit – two huge bonuses in my book!

    Many hugs!

  2. what is the class?! are you wearing a special outfit in your first day? you will be amazing!! I want to take your class.


  3. I know about getting ready for teaching, it’s fun and scary. I remember my first class, I was so excited and so nervous. Granted it was middle school, not college, but the idea is the same. After 26 years I finally called it quits. The excitement was no longer there, so I knew it was time to retire.
    The look on Boh’s face is wonderful, so anticipatory, hope he got some.

  4. Yay for all this! Good luck with your course — I’m sure it will be a run-away success! That will hopefully leave plenty of time for cuddles, peppers, and tortillas. And awesome teaching outfits.

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