cowl time.

Like Hammer time, but not.

It’s official, folks. For the last several weeks, the weather has mostly been the kind of weather where you CAN wear a cowl, and you won’t be too warm. Today, though, is the first day where I feel like I NEED to wear a cowl or some other form of hand-knit goodness around my neck. I’m declaring it officially cowl time. Please adjust your behavior accordingly. (Boh will wait.)

Or maybe he’ll just continue to supervise the edging on my hap blanket.

I’m about seven rows in — so far so good. Happy Friday!


6 thoughts on “cowl time.

  1. Hooray for handknits! So cozy. It’s chilly enough that I’m wearing my big handknit scarf now, but it’s not quite cold enough for a hat. Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend.

  2. This morning is c.o.l.d! Handknits will be worn. Can’t wait to see the finished Hap. Cute cowl.

  3. Can’t touch this! I love that cowl– and wish that Nashville would finally decide to stay cool. As for Boh, well, he just gets more adorable.

  4. “Like Hammer Time, but not” — that cracked me up. :) Please inform San Francisco that it’s supposed to be cowl time. 35 minutes south at work it is, but I swear I felt *hot* on Monday in a long sleeved t-shirt. Confusing! Anyway, the cowl’s lookin’ good and I love it with your polka dots.

  5. Every cowl I knit ends up around someone else’s neck. I really gotta make an ugly one for myself. I guess that way I won’t be tempted to give it away to someone who is admiring it too much!

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