Boh keeps me company while I read.

A glimpse of a favorite handknit and tea with milk and sugar.

Coltrane, ready for bed. (Seriously. Apparently if he doesn’t get tucked in, he waits at the bedroom door. Also, note the paw under the pillow. I love this dog.)

More soon. (With knitting?)


13 thoughts on “sweetness.

  1. So sweet! And Coltrane looks hilarious: that’s how to train some humans. Good luck with the reading!

  2. Coltrane all tucked in = sweetest thing ever. That is absolutely adorable. Sounds like a very cozy scene chez Barefoot Rooster!

  3. Coltrain looks really sweet tucked in like that. I can’t tell from his head alone, but it looks he might be a Greyhound? I know a thing or two about them from helping out adoption agencies.

  4. I think a collective “Awwww” went out around the world when this was posted. Oh my goodness!!! Boh is just the sweetest. And Coltrane all tucked in with his paw under the pillow?! I can’t stand it!

  5. Boh looks so peaceful and content. Too bad you couldn’t bottle and sell that feeling. We had a cat like Coltrane, though she waited until we got in bed, then she would jump up and snuggle under the covers with her head sticking out. I’m sure our animals love it that we anthropomorphize them. (I’m not sure I’ve used that correctly, but I think you know what I mean.) That’s the main reason we could never have horses, I’d want them inside when the weather turned nasty.

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