shake it out.*

A slow start today, folks. Yesterday I managed to get some serious revision done on the prospectus. (The trick? A five o’clock latte. I think I’m starting to resign myself to the fact that I need an afternoon change of scenery and a fancy espresso drink to get shit done and feel good doing it.) Boh looks like he could use a latte, and it isn’t even noon.

I’m making slow, steady progress on that BSJ I started a few weeks ago. I love this shade of green — so bright, so happy.

Here’s the side view of that sweet pout. Looks like somebody needs to give Florence and the Machine’s new album a listen. Seriously. I downloaded it yesterday, and it got me through a whole sink of dishes. There’s something about Florence Welch’s particular brand of big and epic that I love. (*”Shake It Out” is the second track on Ceremonials.)


3 thoughts on “shake it out.*

  1. I’ll have to check out the new Florence + the Machine album!

    Late afternoon coffee and a change of scenery can work wonders. I love the vibrant green of the BSJ! I need to knit a BSJ one of these days… all that gorgeous garter stitch and clever construction. I cast on for one once, but found dealing with the markers kind of annoying.

  2. I think Boh and I are feeling the same, bit under the weather and just want to laze around and sleep. The BSJ is looking good.

  3. High five on the revisions! I just might have to try the late afternoon + change of scenery switcheroo to get me through this chapter. Good luck with the BSJ — it’s such a great color!

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