sock satisfaction.

Remember this sock? The decidedly unfancy sock (so named because it was once the beginning of a gentleman’s fancy sock, and then I needed something mindless to knit on during a lecture, so it became stockinette, or unfancy) that I think I said I was going to finish before my exams? Well, last night, I was rooting around in my knitting bags looking for something simple to work on, and I found this, a row or two away from kitchenering. Yes, that’s right: kitchenering.

So I did.

And it felt great. About as great as actually writing 500 or so words yesterday. So I cast on the second sock. In looking for something to knit on yesterday, I realized that I have a lot of sock yarn. And that I like big (read: larger than one skein) shawls. Which means lots of stripes in my future, but also that I should try to re-find my sock mojo. So I’m on that.


10 thoughts on “sock satisfaction.

  1. I am always so impressed with sock knitting!

    Are your travelings bring you past the mason-dixon line anytime soon, say to the capital?

  2. Hooray for the unfancy sock! And double hooray for getting so much writing done. I love the wood beams in your living room — rustic and wonderful. Your new place seems idyllic.

    Oh, the sock yarn. Luckily I do like small shawls, otherwise I’d be up the proverbial creek without a paddle, as there’s quite the mountain of sock yarn here, too.

  3. funny! my current sock-in-progress (well, I say current…) once began as a gentleman’s fancy sock :-) and turned unfancy very soon! I’m impressed by your work ethics as well! Go, rooster!

  4. I like the way you’re thinking! That sock looks very happy to be kitchenered and on your foot. High five on the writing!

  5. stripes. like i can find time to get anything else done in my life. but my MOST boring class is taught by a woman who is super down with knitting in class. bonus. i too will be multi-striping this fall! nice sock too by the way!

  6. I am on pair #4–so I’m still in the learning stage. Thought I had it all figured out finally. And then realized I have the FIRST hole at the gusset with this sock. They always warn about this, but I’ve never had that issue. There were plenty of others to deal with. It will have to be sewn up later. Wonder if I’ll ever get one pair with nothing major wrong?

    Can I show off a little? You can see the pair that’s closest to perfect on my Sunday’s blog— Even the stripes matched. :-)

  7. I love finding projects that are almost done in my WIP drawer. Never can remember how they ended up there in the first place though.

    Pretty sock. The yarn pooled very nicely.

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