handspun purl ridges.

This project is inspired by CatReading’s wurm cowl. (If you have time, look through her other projects — her knitting is lovely.) I wound up my Rhinebeck cauldron handspun on Thursday morning, and took it with me for the weekend. I cast on roughly 180ish stitches and got to work. A few mornings at my parents’ kitchen table with a mug of coffee, and an afternoon pedicure with my mom created ideal conditions for serious progress — I’m well into my second skein. The squishy-ness of this yarn makes it absolutely addicting to knit. I’m optimistic about the outcome, but there’s a chance this will be too wild for me. I guess I’ll just have to keep knitting to find out…

Boh enjoyed our weekend trip, but I think he’s happy to be home. I’m off again tomorrow for another research trip, but Boh will stay here with a friend of mine. (I sort of wish I could just curl up with Boh on the couch for the week.) After this trip, I’ll have a few weeks without travel, and I’m really looking forward to settling into a routine that encompasses more than just planning for and recovering from trips!


5 thoughts on “handspun purl ridges.

  1. Oh no, you’ll totally be able to pull that off. The colors are really beautiful and how will you be able to resist all that squishiness around your neck once it gets cold??

  2. It looks lovely! I bet you could wear something like this; sometimes a bright accessory really brightens up neutrals!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend at home! The cowl looks perfect autumn and oh-so-cozy.

    Almost done with travel for a bit! Hope this one is productive and goes smoothly.

  4. I want to learn to spin. That look so smooshy and gorgeous, like autumn around your neck.

  5. Your cowl looks gorgeous! I just recently learned to spin and I’m ever so eager to create things from my handspun. =)

    And in response to your question (that I just now remembered!) I have just started law school. =)

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