This is me, knitting on my handspun wurm cowl, not on my couch. Why am I not on my couch in this photo? Because someone (ahem) cut himself on a piece of glass from the window he may have been involved in breaking this morning — BEFORE I poured my coffee. After cleaning up the glass, putting a makeshift bandage on Boh’s leg, and calling the animal hospital to figure out if we needed to come in (we did), I got dressed, and on the way out the door, grabbed my cowl-in-progress. I’m so glad I did, because I spent about four hours there today, at least half of them without Boh at my feet. The result? A clean wound (no stitches), antibiotics, a good bandage, and a very silly cone. (They call these e-collars. E for Elizabethan!)

Oh, Boh. I’m so glad you weren’t seriously hurt this morning. Let’s try to keep our paws on this side of the glass, okay?


18 thoughts on “conehead.

  1. Oh, no! Poor guy, I hope he feels better soon. And stops with the going-through-windows bit. I did something similar when I was 3, though I didn’t get a fashionable cone …

  2. Oh, poor Boh and poor you! I’m glad he didn’t need stitches and happy that you grabbed your cowl in progress!

  3. We call them cones of shame because something shameful has happened to get them that collar.

  4. Poor guy! Glad he’s okay and that you had some knitting to keep you sane in the waiting room. I hate those collars. Poor things scoop dirt when going out to pee. They heads hang sooo low. Speedy recovery Boh!

  5. Phew! Glad he’s okay. I had an early-morning pet emergency with my old cat once and it was awfully stressful. Hope all the knitting made it easier on you.

  6. A year ago this week you were taking care of me with my bum paw… let’s not make this a September routine, hm?
    Also, Boh looks like he’s grinning (and somewhat stoned) in these pictures. I will interpret that as a sign that he got some great drugs. This is something to be grateful for!

  7. What a good Mom to take Boh in!! He will be well soon. Been through the cone thing before myself – it is not fun! good luck!

  8. Oh, poor Boh! I’m so glad the injury wasn’t a serious one…and he looks pretty happy despite the Elizabethan (HA!) collar. I hope he learned his lesson about playing with glass…

  9. Poor sweet Boh! How in the world did he manage to break a window? I am afraid that one of these days, mine will go out a window after a squirell….

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