back to life/back to reality.

You guys remember that song, right? Okay, hold on, I need to Google it. Soul 2 Soul, Back to Life (However Do You Want Me), big hit in 1989.

Anyway, this jam (isn’t that what we used to call them?) popped into my head when I was thinking about how the routines are starting up again all around me, but that I’m not really going back to school (get it?) this semester. Instead, I have a semester of dissertation research and writing ahead of me, without any teaching obligations. (I’ll be teaching again in the spring — this time, my very own course.)

So instead of a back to school photo, you get a back to life/back to reality photo. This one’s not blurry. And it counts as a stripe-study-in-action shot! (I’m not sure it is actually cold enough to wear this out of the house, but at this very second, it is about 52 degrees outside. And on my porch. So I’m going for it.)

I’ve also got some baked goods to share:

This is Deb’s raspberry buttermilk cake (I know I’ve linked to it before) — super simple, incredibly delicious. I might have eaten it for breakfast AND lunch yesterday. Might.

And last night, when I got home from yoga, I scurried to get this tomato tart (farm tomatoes, local goat cheese, mustard, honey, thyme from my yard, and pie crust) in the oven. It took longer than usual because I was using a pie crust from a batch I made over the weekend rather than the tart dough that this recipe calls for, so I was pretty hungry by the time it came out of the oven. Leftovers for breakfast!


6 thoughts on “back to life/back to reality.

  1. I’ve always find myself humming PM Dawn jams. Funny thing, I don’t remember ever listening to PM Dawn. And speaking of awesome, that research semester sounds pretty nifty!

    p.s. Beautiful shawl!

    p.p.s. I’m hungry now.

  2. That truly is a blast from the past! Hooray for research semesters. I just love those tomato tarts — there’s something magical about that combination of ingredients. I wish it were cool enough here to wear a shawl! We’re back in the 90s today, and there were tons of party boats out in the harbour on my drive home from campus.

  3. Good luck getting back into the swing of things. It’s harder than it looks sometimes.

    That raspberry buttermilk cake looks amazing.

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