flour to scale.

So, sometime-blogger, always-friend K. hopped a plane to a place where the words are very long. And she left me a big box of treats from her pantry, including this enormous bag of flour.

I’ll be honest. I’ve been struggling to reclaim my cooking mojo. Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s the traveling, maybe it’s that I don’t really have anyone to cook for right now; I don’t know. But I haven’t been playing in the kitchen anywhere near as much as I’d like to want to, if that makes sense.

Enter that big bag of flour. I just had to bake something. So out came the measuring cups and spoons, and out came the loaf pan and an enormous farm zucchini.

And after an hour in the oven, voila: zucchini bread. This is the basic recipe in Mark Bittman’s big yellow book — nothing fancy, but it sure is delicious. (And this loaf had a touch of freshly grated nutmeg, courtesy of K.’s bag o’ treats.)

That was Friday.

I’m glad I enjoyed most of the zucchini bread Friday and Saturday, because today, I left the last sixth of it on the counter. Which, by the way, is where I leave most of my food. But this weekend, Boh and I have a house guest in the form of Tango, my neighbor’s loveable 3-year old ball of energy. Tango has taught Boh a thing or two about mischief…including, apparently, how to get the rest of a loaf of zucchini bread off the counter. Here’s hoping Boh was simply a witness, rather than a full-on accomplice.  All I know is that trouble has never looked so cute.

Oh, and here’s a bit of knitting! Like the zucchini bread, it’s nothing fancy, but I sure do like it. This is Ishbel, take 2, in what I’m pretty sure is still Yarn Pirate yarn from when I belonged to the Booty Club in a deep variegated purple. So lovely. Also, a little biased, because when I ripped out last time I wound it right back into a ball. Hoping I’ll be happy with it once I re-block. (Note to self: don’t be lazy about rewashing yarn…)

More soon.


6 thoughts on “flour to scale.

  1. Oh no, adorable canine bandits! At least they have good taste … Hmmm, I might need to start a simple shawl, too. Happy Sunday!

  2. Totally understandable about the cooking mojo–I sort of feel the same way, I’m ready to start cooking fall meals but of course we aren’t there yet. Soups in 90 degree weather=ugh. A little puppy mischief goes a long way–Boh looks completely innocent in that picture!!! :-)

  3. Wowza that’s a large bag of flour. You can’t go wrong with “nothing fancy, but…”. Ishbel is so fun to knit AND wear. I don’t blame you for making another. (Actually, I also made 2.)

  4. I love reading about the ways you’re finding to relax and step back a bit. I’m just starting graduate school myself, and I hope to have such a good outlook as well. =)

  5. i recognize those giant bags of flour! costco’s finest. I went through so so many of those this summer. Wish I could have seen you at the 85th, you were missed!

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