Have you seen mine? Because I’ve had a hard time finding it lately in the knitting/spinning/blogging department. (Also, the dissertation department.) But you know what? I’m newly resolved not to let it bother me. I’m sure it will come back; after all, this space is dear to me.

But enough of that. Want to see what I’ve been up to this week?

Swimming. (Suit drying on the porch.)

Eating. (More specifically, eating tomatoes: in tarts, broiled on bread with cheese, and straight from the cutting board.)

Picking flowers. (And putting them all over the house.)

Lounging with Boh.

And today? Well, today I’m taking Saturday seriously. I slept in, made pancakes, read for pleasure, and frolicked a bit with Boh. I even put on my swimsuit in order to encourage the sun to come out. See?

Still rainy, but it might clear up enough for me to take a quick dip.

I’m also macerating blueberries on the kitchen counter. Later today, they’ll become this blueberry crumble. (Berries courtesy of Laura.)

I don’t have any new pictures to share of my Whisper cardigan, but I have been knitting on it. Photographic evidence soon. Happy weekend!


6 thoughts on “mojo?

  1. Happy weekend, indeed! Mojo comes and goes, but a summer Saturday is always to be enjoyed. Looks like you two are on it!

  2. Glad you’re back! Cute “farmer’s tan” on your feet!! You’ve inspired me to go cut my zinnias and bring them in the house, thanks!

  3. I can totally relate. I’m blaming the unending super hot weather we’re having. Hope you and Boh get lots of swimming in!

  4. I hope you find your mojo soon, lady. Those flowers are beautiful. They have to help!

  5. Thanks for the blueberry recipe. I have a freezer full from last summer. Didn’t even go pick any this year. (Our neighbor has a U-pick farm.) And our tomatoes are coming in fast and furious. So I’m glad to have a suggestion or two of other ways to eat them.

    We live on a farm. All farmers know that to be productive that fields must be allow to lie fallow from time to time. Either that or pour the fertilizer to it. I’d go with a little down time. Relax a bit–no guilt allowed!

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