Greetings, readers, from somewhere that is neither here nor there. I really have been meaning to blog, not least to share about the fantastic weekend I spent with blog-friends-turned-real-friends, Mick and Laura. (Would you believe that we didn’t really do any knitting or spinning because we were too busy talking, eating, and drinking?)

Anyway, I’m on a fancy bus pointed towards a city with a library that has some stuff that might be useful for my dissertation, and now seems as good a time as any to (a) try to get back into a blogging rhythm, and (b) learn how to use wordpress on my shiny iPhone. (I hate to admit it, but I do think the iPhone may be a factor in my recent blogging slump. The teaching definitely kept me super busy earlier in the summer, but I’ve also noticed that the camera on the iPhone is so good that I rarely reach for my regular camera, and I am not in the habit of daily syncing my phone with m computer. Bottom line? I’ve been slow to upload photos, and that seems to be disrupting my blogging routine.) I am going to try to be better- and maybe wordpress on the iPhone will help!

So, to connect back to today’s post title, does anybody recognize the knitting in my lap? That’s right, it’s my whisper cardigan, and it is almost done! I grabbed it because it is small and light, and at a place where the knitting is easy. Most of my WIPs are at stages that require more concentration than I have right now. I’m so happy to be knitting on this again!

More soon!


8 thoughts on “shhh…

  1. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! Whisper is shaping up beautifully. I have a sneaking suspicion I know where you’re heading… :-)

  2. Happy travels and happy knitting! I hope the library has all kinds of helpful stuff.

  3. Good luck at the library! There may be something waiting on your doorstep upon your return.

  4. Love the whisper so far! Whenever me and my girls have a knit night, the knitting seems to be pushed to the side. So i completely understand. :)

  5. That is going to be one pretty Whisper. Public transportation knitting is the best and sounds like a great way to relax a bit! (Oh, and did you know there’s a way to email your photos directly to your Flickr stream? That’s what I usually do with blog-related iPhone photos and it’s very convenient.)

  6. Hope that wherever you are, it’s cooler than here. I’ve been reading all of your blogs but it’s just been too hot to find the energy to comment. I’m holding on to hope that cooler weather will return. Because I want to work on something warm and wooly like your cardigan. It’s lovely.

  7. You are going to love that cardi when it is done. It’s one of my most worn sweaters, I think. We’re not on the iPhone bandwagon, yet, here. It might be in the works this fall. Meanwhile, I’ll see what you do with yours.

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