not helping.

Apologies for my blog-silence the last few weeks. As you can see, Boh is not helping me finish up this grading. Perhaps I can distract you with this pretty sunset?

There will be blog content soon, I promise. (Why am I confident that I can deliver on this? Because blog friends are coming to visit this weekend! More soon!)



5 thoughts on “not helping.

  1. Yay for blog friends! Hope you have a great time and get in some relaxing. In the meantime, good luck with the grading! (It must be at least a little bit better with sunsets.)

  2. I figured your last TA-ing stint was eating up all of your time. Have a great blog friend visit! Looking forward to your weekend pics.

  3. Aww, sleepy Boh! I feel with you concerning the grading, tomorrow I’ll have my own pile…
    Have a good time with your fellow bloggers!

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