FO: stripey shawl.

Eventually I’ll take a wingspan photograph so you can see the size of this basic triangle shawl, but for now, I’ll just say that I LOVE this, and that it is just long enough for me to wrap all the way around with the point(s) in front. Made from 250ish yards of handspun singles in two different colorways (one is Sadia from AVFKW in bfl, and the other might be half of a 2-color bump from SCF in Hades, possibly also bfl). I can dig up those details if anybody is dying to know. The brown is a purpley brown, and the lighter shade is a lovely coral with lots of depth. Originally I had intended to use this pair to make Daybreak, but at the start of last month I got sick, needed a simple project, and just couldn’t wrap my sinus-addled brain around the pattern, so I started this instead. I used the cast on and set up from Mary Heather-Cogar’s Simple Things (a pattern I highly recommend), and the rest is really just stockinette stripes, with a few garter ridges close to the very end to stop the edges from rolling too horribly.

Here’s one of many awkward pictures I attempted to take of myself wearing this shawl — I like this one for its blurriness and for the glare on my glasses. (Adds a certain sparkle to the image, maybe?)

I’ve learned that half-assed blocking still results in lovely drape, so I’ll keep that in mind for future projects. (It is so nice to have a towel rack on the door to my shower to hang blocking shawls!)

This silliness was occurring while I was trying to take pictures of the shawl.

Coltrane considers his reading options on the bookshelf. Boh wishes he could read…

Hooray for Friday.

Sweet, silly dogs.


9 thoughts on “FO: stripey shawl.

  1. Pretty! It looks like a perfect summer shawl — as I’m sure the dogs agree. Happy Friday to you and the puppies!

  2. Boh’s face in that last picture reminds of me Doug from Up. So cute. Lovely shawl!

  3. Lovely shawl! I’ve been drawn to coral colors lately.

    I hope Coltrane read a story to poor Boh!

  4. You take the best dog pictures! (I’m sure it helps that you have a ridiculously photogenic dog and dog-friend.)

  5. So pretty! And such curious pooches. Hooray for the weekend, indeed! I’m busy roasting veggies and considering what kind of ice cream to make tomorrow. St. Germain elderflower ice cream? Rhubarb/goat cheese ice cream? Lemon frozen yogurt? So many possibilities… :-)

  6. That is gorgeous and the drape is just lovely! Nicely, nicely done. And I have so much trouble taking photos of myself in shawls (or anything that involves my face being in the picture). My “pensive” face often looks more constipated than anything else…

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