working like a…

…well, not like this dog:

To be fair, before he fell asleep on me like that, he did spend some time doing this:

While I did this:

This summer session of TAing is keeping me very busy, but I should be back to regular blogging after it concludes next week. I have been trying to dip my feet in the lake each evening after a full day on campus — and last night I may have woven in the ends of my stripey shawl. I attempted what I’ll call “half-assed blocking” — I soaked it, and then instead of clearing off a table, finding my blocking squares, and pinning it out, I just tried to stretch it a bit and then draped it over the towel bar on the shower door. More on that when it’s dry!

(Oh my goodness, I just hit return and then started to sign this post as if it was an email. Sigh.)


5 thoughts on “working like a…

  1. :) that was a great post to start the day. Daily soaks in the lake are a must…it’s so cool that you live near there! Boh looks so happy.

  2. If working like a dog proves impossible to avoid, Boh would be the kind of dog I would like to emulate. Alice is finding all the sunshine available to snooze in kind of overwhelming, too. Good luck with your human activities — I hope the tail end of summer TAing goes off without a hitch. Can’t wait to see the fruits of half-assed blocking (also one of my favorite methods).

  3. I can’t remember the last time I commented (I’m sorry!), but I’ve been reading all summer. But I wanted to say that your house is looking amazing and the fact that you can take a dip in a lake anytime you please sounds like heaven. Also…(not remembering if I commented on it already or not), your stripe study shawl is absolutely gorgeous as is your new stripey handspun one. Good luck with the rest of your TA duties!

  4. Summer teaching is always nuts! So much gets compressed into so short a period of time. Can’t wait to see the finished striped shawl.

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