PQRS: an alphabet post.

P. As in, peonies the size of my head. Also, Pearl and the Beard. (Have you entered the album giveaway yet? You have until Wednesday to comment on Friday’s post!)

Q. For quantity. As in, how many retro table and chair sets can I fit on my porch? Also, aQua. (4 chairs and a table for 20 bucks, thanks to Craig and his marvelous list.)

R. Ricotta. Rich, homemade ricotta from Deb over at smitten kitchen, to be precise. This is Really good. Like, change-your-plans-for-the-day good. Whole milk, some heavy cream, lemon juice, and salt. The only reason I can come up with for not making this as soon as possible is that you need to go get a meat or candy thermometer. You should maybe go do that now.

S. Salad. And not just any salad; Summer Salad. Here at Casa Rooster, a Summer Salad is a salad that is eaten out of a larger-than-normal bowl.


S also stands for Stripes. I’ve been making progress at a leisurely pace on my handspun stripey shawl, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Boh seems to like it too.

Happy Monday, folks. Hope your week is off to an excellent start.


5 thoughts on “PQRS: an alphabet post.

  1. Oh how I love your tables and chairs!! I love them so much I can’t think of any other way to say it!! Also thank you again for your help with my stripe study shawl. It is addicting and I wanted to make sure I was doing it correctly!

  2. Um, Rooster … this may be one of your most charming posts yet – I felt like I was talking to my friend in person & that is always a welcome thought!! The table and chairs is absolutely amazing as well as the craig and his list comment.

    Thanks for the sweet comment about the photos – I have been trying to practice taking better photos. I asked Joel for some pointers, since he is the better photographer between us, and I have been trying to practice his tips. I have been thinking about giving myself a little 30 day photo challenge – just trying to think of what I actually want to challenge.

    This is a long shot -, but, you are not going to be home this weekend, are you? We are coming home for my brother’s graduation.

    Have a great day!

  3. Love the new chairs! We actually have yellow set like yours–bought when they were new by my in-laws, probably in the 1950s, and they still in this house. (Well, almost—one chair lives by the door in the garage and the rest is in the barn,) Looks like the new house agrees with you.

  4. Nom nom nom. I have been dreaming of delicious summer salads … soon, very soon. This all looks like a lovely way to welcome summer!

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