ricotta in action.

You know how I post pictures of me wearing my handknits (often when I have no knitting progress to share) and call the series “knits in action”? Well, I took one look at this photo of my first batch of Deb’s ricotta, smeared on toast and drizzled with honey, and all I could think was, RICOTTA IN ACTION! We’ll see if this becomes a companion series to my photographs of handknits.

Remember, you have until the end of today (Wednesday) to comment on Friday’s post for a chance to win Killing the Darlings by Pearl and the Beard!

More soon!


4 thoughts on “ricotta in action.

  1. Ricotta in action is awesome! It makes me think that the ricotta is out and about: going to the library, hanging out at the market, enjoying the weather, making cannoli. You know, just normal ricotta stuff.

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