boh vs. bookshelf.

I’m close enough to moving that I’m willing to fill my tiny apartment with things I’ll need in the lake house. Stuff in good shape tends to go fast around here. Case in point: this bookshelf. The time between replying to the craigslist ad and carrying it into my apartment was under an hour. I’m waiting on most things, but bookshelves? I need those. I’m lucky that I have Boh to keep an eye on this one for me.

Happy Friday!


6 thoughts on “boh vs. bookshelf.

  1. How much fun to fill a new house. We have a lake house. It’s small and it’s ancient. And full of character and we don’t spend nearly enough time there. Lucky you gets to live at the lake!

  2. That’s a great size! It’ll fit anywhere, but I love bookcases that are under windows too. Glad Boh is on guard!

  3. Well done! Bookcases are a hot commodity in a college town. I bought three more last fall, and we still have a few boxes of books in storage.

    Can’t wait to see the lake house. It sounds absolutely idyllic!

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