I’ve certainly been feeling the less-than-awesome kind of overwhelmed this week. Which is why I’m pretty psyched to get to share (another) example of the good kind of overwhelmed.

This delicious Fine and Raw almond chunky chocolate bar arrived in a box of fibery treats from dear knithound. I sat down at the kitchen table and savored it. (And then thought you might to at least see the wrapper. This stuff is incredible!)

Along with that chocolate (which I’m not sure if I should describe as heavenly or sinful), knithound sent me three special bundles of undyed luxury fiber: an ounce of merino/cashmere, an ounce of oatmeal cashmere, and an ounce of a yak/tussah silk blend, all from The Yarn Tree. I keep opening the bags to pet them.

You may have noticed that I haven’t really been spending much time at the wheel lately — there’s just so much to do. But these — these might be just the right amount for a small break, time to decompress, or work through an idea. I might even dig out a drop spindle for one of these fiber bumps.

Thank you, knithound, for this overwhelming (in the good way) box of luxury. And thanks to all of blogland for your kindness and comments on what it means to grow older and to reflect on experiences and expectations these last few weeks.


5 thoughts on “overwhelmed.

  1. Chocolate solves (nearly) all problems! I’m feeling with you on being overwhelmed…. Here’s to hoping it will get better!

  2. Oh, my! I would so love to dip my hand in those bags of fiber! (I would like some of that chocolate right now, too, for that matter.)

  3. Mmm, chocolate and fibre. That will offset a fair bit of fretting, in my experience. I meant to wish you a happy birthday and try to offer reassurance at 29, but the thing is that it was my 20s that were pretty much only good for experience, and it’s been since 30 that life’s gotten better and more interesting for me. I quit my job to enter an MA program at 35 and am now in my second year of a PhD program and loving it, so, while I can’t offer shared experience, perhaps a happy (mostly) word from someone who started over-ish somewhat later might be worth throwing in there.

  4. Keep it up. I’m told life begins at 50. now 52 and a half, I can say that it’s true. Actually, all the previous years have given me experience to really become the me I am today. God willing you will one day look back and be saying the same thing. I so enjoy reading of your life. So beautiful. Bless you. Kat

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