new chairs.

Craigslist victory! Now, where to put them?

Someday, these might be on the porch of that lake house.

A mixture of veggies on the stove. These colors make me happy.

Terra helped me grade 40+ response papers last night and this morning.

I turned the heel of the first of two long-neglected plain and simple socks. It helped with Monday.

Back to the chairs. I love them. In fact, I might sit in one while I read tonight’s book…



3 thoughts on “new chairs.

  1. I now have chair envy. Also, I might covet that snazzy red bag sitting on said envy-inducing chairs. Yay for Terra and veggies and socks! And a big boo for grading.

  2. Love the chairs! Set together like that they are like a chair/bench hybrid. Cruising craigslist for furniture is one of my favorite mindless-computer-spaceout activities.

  3. Those chairs are amazing. I loved them even before I realized the legs were so interesting…neat how they’re so close together like that. Oh, they’re going to be gorgeous on your new porch! Also gorgeous — Terra. Wow.

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