this heart’s (thumb’s?) on fire.

Do you know that song? Seems like song lyrics are all that pop into my head when I’m sitting down to write a blog post. Anyway, this is a great (upbeat, yet sweet) song by Wolf Parade. Unfortunately, it came to mind today because of a minor kitchen disaster that occurred yesterday.

I was making this squash pasta. And somehow, in the process of beginning to move the roasted veggies into the big pan on the stove, I knocked the large roasting pan and it began to fall. I should have backed away and let my dinner make its own mess. But I am a silly rooster, and I just couldn’t. Instinctively, I grabbed the (very hot) roasting pan. Everything still fell, but I managed to acquire a blistering burn on my thumb in the process. Now, I’m no stranger to kitchen burns, having worked for a few summers as a cook for backpacking expeditions, but this one is photo-worthy. Avert your eyes if pictures of blisters gross you out. (Sorry.)

Owch. The thing is, what I was most worried about was whether I’d be able to knit. You see, I worked all day with the idea that I’d give myself an hour to keep knitting on idlewood. (I salvaged about half the squash from the floor, mixed it with the pasta, as in the above photo, and ate it anyway. It was delicious.)

Good news. That blister, while a little tender, did not get in the way of more idlewood progress. I knitted the last few rows of the body and bound off this morning. I love the cowl. Swoon.

This fits perfectly (over my pajamas). I’m still not sure about the pockets — I have a pretty straight/boyish shape, and I’m not sure I want to add more to the hips. What do you think? I’m going to aim to finish the sleeves so that this is wearable (maybe tomorrow?), and if I can do that, I’ll probably wait to block it and decide about the pockets until I get back from my weekend adventures.

Another great line from that song?

sometimes we rock and roll / i’d rather stay at home in real life

this heart’s on fire


11 thoughts on “this heart’s (thumb’s?) on fire.

  1. it looks so good so far! i also have a boyish shape and decided to not add pockets. i don’t regret that decision at all!

  2. Oh your poor thumb! I did the same thing once when I dropped my iron: yowza! And the Idlewood looks great!

  3. Ouch! Idlewood looks fabulous — I’m glad the injury didn’t interfere with knitting!

  4. Great sweater…not great blister.

    If you haven’t already, go to the store and get a blister bandaid type thing. They work great, protect it so that the blister doesn’t burst and thus open it to infection.

    I’ve used them several times and they work really well…just don’t get one too small. Better to be too big.

    Good Luck!!

  5. Ouch! I have burned fingers so many times, and it is definitely not fun. I hope your thumb heals quickly.

    Idlewood is looking great!

  6. Ouch!! Sorry about the blister. I love love love the Idlewood though. My vote is “no pockets.” I hear what you’re saying about their possible interference with the shape, and since they’re mostly decorative not functional pockets, you shouldn’t miss not having them.

  7. OUCH! I’m sorry to hear about your poor thumb. :( I got a blistering burn just before Christmas when I somehow managed to iron over my thumb. Whether or not I’d be able to knit was the very first thing through my mind. :)

    The sweater is looking awesome — great cowl! With the pockets you could go either way, though I don’t think you’d miss them if you didn’t add them. Things are looking great as is.

  8. I personally think that you have the exact right figure for the pockets. It is if you had hips you were trying to hide that you would want to avoid pockets there!!

  9. ouch!!
    I like it sans pockets, it’s a beautiful knit and fits you so well! Rather people look at the neck line and your face then have their eye drawn down to pockets.

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