idlewood, before blocking.

First off, thanks for all your kind comments about that silly blister-burn on my thumb. It healed very quickly, and I was so busy this weekend (headed out of town to see old friends and help out with a crazy few days of interviews for an organization I adore) that I didn’t even think about it until I was driving home this morning. I got minimal sleep, but managed to hop into my car this morning feeling restored in other categories. It was fun — and honestly, necessary for me — to slip back into non-profit life for a weekend, to remember that I really like working with people, to feel useful and productive, to cross things off long lists. (Grad school life is sort of the opposite these days, though I know it won’t always be this way.) I’m super tired from driving 500+ miles and working 12+ hour days (and playing afterward), but I’m so glad I went.

Instead of returning home to keep reading, I took a nap. And since then, I’ve been focusing on smaller tasks around the house, one of which was to finish up idlewood!

I’m really happy with this sweater. It is a tad snug at the waist/hips, but I’m counting on it to bloom and relax just a smidge after blocking. (It is soaking right now.) FO pictures soon!

Tonight? More knitting, cuddle time with Boh (he had a fantastic weekend with K., one of his favorite people) and early to bed. I’ll pick the reading back up tomorrow…


8 thoughts on “idlewood, before blocking.

  1. I follow your blog and always catch the glimpse of the bike behind your photo’s. Do you ride for racing, commuting, or leisure? Good to see another knitter that rides road bikes too :) Really cute sweater!!

  2. Beautiful! Idlewood looks great — and very cozy for January (which reminds me to wear mine soon). Yay for a finished sweater! A quiet day, without reading, sounds like just the ticket. Glad you made it back, and had a productive good time!

  3. Sounds like a very intense weekend! Hurray for a cozy sweater to wear (super cute, by the way), and a sweet dog to snuggle.

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