(legs) outstretched.

I snapped both of these pictures today, and only realized that they sort of go together when I pulled them off of my camera. It is officially long-underwear-season. At least some of mine is stripey. (Brrr!)

Here’s a broader view of this evening, if you will. Boh, asleep. Me, knitting and grading. A few more papers to go. And I’m on the last row before the lace section of terra. More soon.


6 thoughts on “(legs) outstretched.

  1. You two match! I love the stripes and can’t wait to see more of the Terra. Happy snoozing to Boh … and good luck grading!

  2. Boh is adorable, as ever. I haven’t had to break out the long underwear yet! People in Chicago are kvetching about the cold weather, but I’m enjoying it. Reminds me of Minnesota and “real” winters! That said, we only have a couple inches of snow on the ground here — while I was in Mpls last weekend we received 9″.

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