sweetness, a soaker, and first sweaters.

This dog has been such a comfort to me this week — a mixture of silly and sweet. Last night when I got home from a reading group, we played a game where I told him to sit, walked five paces, turned around and said, “Come on!” and he raced towards me. I think I got tired before he did. Dogs know when you’re having a hard time, and I am so thankful for Boh’s company right now.

I’m almost embarrassed to show you this — the beginning of a soaker that I started six weeks ago. It has succumbed to the curse of my in-the-bag knitting. It seems like I never actually work on the project I take everywhere. I can’t explain it. I started this alongside my dear friend T, who is expecting. (Yay!) We began them together, with the idea that I could help with troubleshooting if anything came up. T. has already made close to half a dozen of these sweet soakers, while I’m still knitting the ribbing of my first. (For shame.) At least I still have a few months before she’s going to need this!

I was talking with my friend P. yesterday about sweater-knitting — she called me on the way home from a yarn shop, her first sweater’s worth in the backseat. And as I bundled up to head out for a reading group last night, I grabbed my first sweater. The seaming is completely wonky, the ends are woven in weirdly, the size isn’t quite right…but I LOVE this sweater. Together with thrift-store boy jeans over long-underwear and a couple of long-sleeve layers, it was the answer to single-digit December temps — and to the transition I’m coping with right now. Handknits are magical like that.


7 thoughts on “sweetness, a soaker, and first sweaters.

  1. For all those reasons, I love this sweater! I have been thinking of you all week. Many hugs to you, sweet rooster.


  2. Super sweet Boh! He’s adorable and looks like some of the best company around. Also: that sweater is also adorable and perhaps the best shade of green ever. Good luck fighting the cold and keeping on keeping on!

  3. Handknits are quite therapeutic, indeed. When are you done for the semester? Sending you warm thoughts!

  4. Great that you wore your first sweater. Mine still isn’t finished (ahem).
    I must buy the New Yorker this week I think, really want to read the Joyce Carol Oates piece…
    Happy weekend!

  5. Aww, Boh is so sweet! Love the sweater, it’s the perfect green! Hope you’re feeling a bit better!

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