chocolate ice cream.

In a mug.

Yesterday it was cold enough for my 28thirty cardigan — this sweater is almost too warm to wear inside. Dug out my purl scarf to go with it.

Off to continue my packed week of social activities– tonight it is drinks with friends and then a movie. Soon I’m going to have to get back to work. These papers aren’t going to grade themselves…


7 thoughts on “chocolate ice cream.

  1. Chocolate ice cream is best in a mug! :-) Add a few marshmallows and toasted almonds. Yum… Cute handknits.

  2. I love your plaid! A very cozy outfit … and perfect with chocoloate ice cream. Also: snow in Nashville this morning!

  3. That looks so cozy! I’m in Minneapolis for the weekend, with 9 inches of fresh snow, and I’ve been enjoying wearing all my handknits, too.

    I blissfully emailed out a round of grades/evals yesterday, and a new crop of papers arrives in my mailbox for me to grade this Friday!

  4. That scarf looks cozy! Can’t wait to finish my 28thirty, it’s cold enough to wear it already… but those Christmas knits keep getting in the way ;-) Yummy ice cream!

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