happy lace.

Isn’t it, though? Last night I proctored a prelim. I brought reading to do, but I was up and down to answer questions every ten minutes or so, and just couldn’t focus on my work. Luckily, I had tucked the lap blanket I’m test-knitting for Cosy into my bag, and as the students worked, I got through another repeat or two. I love the slight variegation in this orangey handspun.

Also, I wore my garter yoke cardigan on Wednesday, and snapped a photo before dashing off to lecture. There’s something not-quite-right with the fit/style of this for me. I think the sleeves are a bit too wide to be 3/4 length, and buttoned up, I feel sort of matronly. (This might just have to do with the fact that I spend most of my time on a college campus.) Anyway, I decided to wear it over a super bright mustard-yellow shirt, and I think that worked. Thus concludes this edition of “knits-in-action.”

I’m off to the land of my bright college years for the weekend. Not looking forward to the drive, but so happy that it is finally Friday.


8 thoughts on “happy lace.

  1. I really like the way the blanket is knitting up. I don’t think the sweater looks matronly at all!

  2. I hope you are rewarded with beautiful autumn colors on your drive. And I hope the meetings go well, too — though of course, this latter part is not at all in doubt, as y’all are completely capable and beautifully badass.

  3. Yay! TGIF! :))) Your sweater looks wonderful – can’t see why you thought it was “matronly”. Love the buttons you chose!

    The blanket is coming nicely – pretty orange yarn! Is it going to be square or circular when finished?

  4. Love the blanket.

    The cardy is fab, whatever do mean matronly, love the colour and the buttons are great.

  5. Oh my DAYS, i’m so happy that it’s friday too! SO happy.

    That lace knitting is looking lovely – and i think the cardigan looks great on you, there’s nothing like immersing yourself in large groups of 18 year old college students to make yourself feel old. I should know, i’m technically a mature student here as most people do med school at 18. So most of my peers are 22, 23… to them 27 is basically retirement age. Ha. Let alone the fact that the new students just starting university are all 18, which is more or less the same as 17, which means i’m 10 years older than them!!! Yipes. Okay, I seem to have gone off on a little tangent, but the take-home message is that the cardigan looks great on you!
    Also: I spy a bike! Yay bikes!

  6. Pretty! I like the cardigan, but then again I have few problems with matronly. Happy Friday! Have a safe drive and lots of fun!!

  7. Yay your cardi is great! I don’t see any matronly looking anything with it. I do like the buttons you chose, perfect. I’m modifying a cardi I am working on right now from sleevless to long sleeves, fingers crossed it all works out. Give Boh a sqeeze for me please. That pic of him a few post back under the blanket, Soooo adorable. Dogs are the best! Here’s wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  8. I don’t think the cardi looks matronly at all! The long-ish length keeps it looking quite modern, and of course the way you style it is great. Wearing it over the yellow top looks awesome.

    Hope you had fun in old college land over the weekend! I hear there’s a new yarn shop there.

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