windows. (also, potatoes.)

Just now trying to catch my breath after a whirlwind weekend — and it seems fitting to post a few photos from the part of Saturday that felt like a chance to relax for a brief moment. These glimpses out the window onto one of many courtyards capture a bit of what it felt like to be back there, ten years after I first arrived. Just as beautiful, but a bit further away. Light filtered through window panes?

I’m still looking for the pause button these days. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by work and life, and trying to find time to knit.

This seems a bit heavy for Tuesday morning, so I’ll leave you with a photo of the twice-baked potatoes I was craving after Sunday afternoon’s long drive home.

Yum. More soon.


3 thoughts on “windows. (also, potatoes.)

  1. It’s always strange to revisit places which have been important in your life. I still haven’t been back to visit the place where i went to university – i think i’m scared to see that it’s got along fine without me!
    The potatoes look spectacular. Yum indeed.

  2. Looks beautiful! Looking backward can be bittersweet, but that has its own pleasure.

    Being midway through fall quarter/semester is rough! So much to do, not enough time… I would love a week of fall break where you’re not allowed to do any work related to the university!

  3. Isn’t it a strange sensation? When I went back to the big P this summer, it felt surreal: everything was the same! everything was different!

    Also, can we please have Jodi’s work-free vacation? That would so good right about now. (As I get back to work on a book review.)

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