idlewood; or, crazy for cowlneck, day 1.

I’d initially intended for my next post to be about blocking the hemlock ring. But that will have to wait until tomorrow. Why, you ask? Because last night I fell hard. For a sweater.

Have you seen this absolutely swoonworthy new design by Cecily Glowik MacDonald? I am in love. I immediately started looking through my stash for appropriate yarns and yardages. Beaverslide? Nope, not tweedy enough. Peace Fleece? Not drapey enough. And then I remembered this deliciously soft natural grey cormo from the Elsa Wool Company in Colorado. I purchased six squishy skeins in the fall of 2007 at the Taos Wool Festival, and I’ve been saving it for the right project. I think this is it. I checked the (handwritten) label, and found that the weight and yardage matched the yarn in the pattern.

So I swatched as I sipped my morning coffee, and began daydreaming of a cozy grey big-cowled tunic-y sweater. And suddenly the fact that the semester starts tomorrow didn’t seem quite so bad. I mean, this is the perfect sweater to be a hip-yet-studious grad student. Right? This sweater will actually help me with my preparation for my comprehensive exams. Right?

My swatch was close enough to the called for gauge, so I washed it, set it out to dry, and then cast on for the cowl neck. This pattern calls for using larger needles than you’d think would be appropriate for the yarn, and because of this, the drape is fabulous.

Boh is not impressed.

So here I am, twenty-four hours after I first laid eyes on Idlewood: an inch or so into the cowl neck, and a tiny bit more relaxed about the craziness that begins tomorrow.


11 thoughts on “idlewood; or, crazy for cowlneck, day 1.

  1. I saw that one TOO!! I love it!! I can’t decide if I would look like a cowl-necked pear in it, though!

  2. I love how knitting calms one like that. And the addition of an FO at the end of it all is totally a win-win. Great sweater! It will look fab on you.

  3. Oh my goodness, darn you and your temptress ways! That sweater is fabulous. It’s going to be so lovely in the grey you’ve chosen! And yes, it’s great for studious yet stylish grad students and, yes, knitting will help with comps. Duh!

  4. You picked a good one, for sure. And why not cast on just as the semester is starting. It’s all about fresh beginnings, right?

    Interesting I have a skein of that very yarn all ready to roll – I learned about it from Clara Parkes’ Book of Wool.

  5. Ooooooh ELSA WOOL CO. Great idea. Their yarns are on my list for the Taos Festival this fall!

    I love this sweater – can’t wait to see your version!

  6. I know! I KNOW!! I flipped out when I saw that sweater yesterday, too. You are so lucky to be able to start that right now! I.Must.Not. I will enjoy it vicariously through you, my friend. Happy knitting!

  7. I love her patterns – bought New England Knits some months ago and now I can’t decide which one to knit… Your choice does look very sophisticated indeed! Wish you a good start into the new semester! Darn, now I have to resist casting on for the first fall sweater… Happy Knitting!

  8. Me too! I had to take a mental health break last night and knit knit knit away for a few minutes. Very soothing. I think my gigantor ball of ecowool just might come to campus this morning … also: yes, this should be the year of the studious and stylish grad student.

  9. Mmmm, that looks like the perfect squishy yarn for a snuggly sweater. Makes me want to cast on for my next sweater (but I have some lace to finish first — plus it’s still a little hot for a lap full of wool).

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