FO: hemlock ring.

First, the answer to the blocking dilemma: blocking trumps civilized meals at the table. I opted not to use pins — the ecowool was sticky enough that it seemed to stay where I pulled/tugged it, probably thanks to gravity, as most of the “petals” were hanging off the table. Despite rolling the blanket in a towel before laying it out to dry, I had to periodically wipe up puddles from beneath the petals.  Because this is a wedding gift, I decided not to spread it out again to photograph it — that just seemed like a recipe for a blanket covered in Boh-hair. So here’s a shot of the finished hemlock ring, folded and draped over a chair in the kitchen:

I am thrilled with how this turned out. Plus, I learned new things about lace knitting, casting on, and binding off, and I reclaimed some lace knitting confidence after my ishbel fail. Victory! I used just under 1.5 skeins of Cascade Ecowool (using US 10.5 needles as called for in the pattern) and I made the regular size, binding off at the marked row on the chart. And with the kitchen table back, I made pizza for dinner last night.

This is a tomato, basil, and mozzarella pizza — no sauce, just some olive oil brushed on underneath the toppings. This is might be my new favorite pizza combination — the tomatoes were so sweet — almost caramelized by the heat of the oven.

In the land of tomatoes, want to see what I have planned in the kitchen for tonight, tomorrow, and/or Friday?

Time to can some tomatoes! I’ve never done this before, and I’m psyched. My mom emailed me her recipe for sauce and scanned in her handwritten notes about canning whole tomatoes. I remember her doing this when I was little, and I am looking forward to having my own jars of tomatoes I picked on my shelves!

Also, my fridge was so colorful after I unloaded yesterday’s haul from the farm that I just had to take a picture. I also opened the fridge door and pulled out the drawers so that the boy could admire everything from the rainbow of goodness inside to the adorableness of the baby eggplants.

Last picture today: year three, day one. Me and my goofy grin are off to campus soon. A big year begins. But first, I’m going to knit another inch of that big, happy cowl-neck.


10 thoughts on “FO: hemlock ring.

  1. Your Hemlock Ring looks gorgeous. What a wonderful wedding present!

    Your fridge looks so healthy, and your pizzas are awesome! I am going to have to try making some your way very soon… Luckily my grocery store sells refrigerated pizza dough – I don’t think I have the patience to make it myself!

    I want to try one similar to Pizzeria Uno’s thin crust version with pesto, eggplant, fresh spinach leaves, carmelized onions, and a bit of crumbled feta… my fav! (Then again, maybe I’ll go a BIT simpler for my first try! LOL)

    Give Boh a big hug for me!! :)

  2. My kitchen/dining room table just served the exact same purpose. My boyfriend (who, somehow, seems to understand the mechanics of blocking much better than I do) was doubtful that it would work, but for lack of any other place, I forged ahead. Turned out fine, so fine that I was wishing that my Hemlock wasn’t a wedding present. The newly-weds won’t really want a wool blanket in Mississippi, right? Yours is a beaut.

    I really enjoy your blog!

  3. Wait…year 3?! My gosh, time has flown. Good luck on your first day…I hope everything went great!

    And the Hemlock Ring looks great…its new owners are sure to love it!

  4. Happy first day! I hope it went off without a hitch and you’re home to enjoy some yummy veggies. The Hemlock Ring is gorgeous! Here’s to a great year 3!!

  5. A veritable veggie explosion! That’s awesome, and I’m getting very hungry just thinking about that pizza.

    Congrats on Hemlock Ring!

  6. Happy first day back! I actually kind of miss being in school, especially working for a university. I feel just a tad bit jealous when I see all the kids moving back in.

    The blanket turned out so nice, and I’m sure the recipients will appreciate a Boh hair-free present! ;-)

  7. Hope you had a very nice first day! The Hemlock Ring looks great! The tomatos look amazing – middle european weather seems to have been bad for tomatoes around here. The ones in my parent’s patch just won’t turn red and a friend in England has the same problem. Lucky you! Now I have a craving for home-made pizza….

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