hemlock blob, boh, buttons.

A podcast, an episode of Project Runway, and two mugs of coffee later, I present to you my hemlock ring, in blob form, and I love it. Now, where am I going to block this thing?

Boh has no idea.

Yesterday afternoon,  I quickly added a fourth (red) button to my Shalom, and then swapped out the less matchy orange button (second from the top) in order to make this wearable, and quick. See, yesterday was cold and rainy, and, let’s face it, rather unproductive. A coffee shop work plan took shape, and I decided that I needed to be able to wear Shalom. I think I will eventually swap out the orange buttons for red ones, but this worked wonderfully for yesterday’s coffee shop work date (followed by a french-fries-with-delicious-dipping-sauces-reward-for-reading date). Here are a few more Shalom pictures! (Tough to take good photos in artificial light. The blurry ones are my favorites.)

Back to the pile of reading!


8 thoughts on “hemlock blob, boh, buttons.

  1. I love the mis-matchy buttons! It looks great … the perfect sweater for reading and reward fries! Also: high five on finishing the hemlock. I also do not know where you might block it. Um, library?

  2. Hemlock Ring looks awesome! I think you were *way* speedier at the bind-off than I was… it took me way longer than 1 podcast, an episode of PR, and 2 mugs of coffee.

    Love the Shalom, and I do think that red buttons would be awesome. I need to put some coffeeshop work plans into action myself.

  3. love the orange buttons! It’s rainy and cold-er here, too, so I’ll be taking my new Icarus out for a spin. I absolutely adore your Hemlock Ring – what about your bed for blocking?

  4. Oh, Boh, you are just so sweet! :)))

    The Hemlock Ring is gorgeous – I know what you mean about finding a place to block large knits… it’s not easy! I like your Shalom, too – a perfect wardrobe addition as the seasons prepare to change again!

  5. Super cute Shalom! I just love that color, and it so works with the contrasting buttons.

    If you figure out a good place to block your Hemlock Ring, let me know. I’m planning on knitting one someday, but I have no idea where I’d block it.

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