This arrived in the mail on Wednesday accompanied by a note that said, “When I saw the logo on the mug, I immediately thought, Rooster needs to have this!” This dear, dear friend (and non-knitter) knows me well. And apparently has been visiting MD S&W with his family for years. (Thanks, Champ.)

No new knitting or spinning progress to report. I was out of town again this weekend for some super productive meetings, and I am scrambling to feel ready for the semester, which begins on Wednesday. I have, however, been queuing and ogling patterns and projects on ravelry, which is something I do when I feel like I don’t have time to actually knit and spin. Hoping to make time on this rainy Sunday for something woolly.

I made another batch of granola this morning — something I do almost weekly — and thought to snap a picture. Also, last week’s sunflower is starting to droop.

I still think she’s lovely. And that’s what I’ve got for you today. More soon!


3 thoughts on “perfect.

  1. Love the mug. Good luck preparing for the semester–I was inspired by your tomato tart–I’m planning on making one this week from the recipe you linked too–thanks!

  2. That is the perfect mug! Good luck with getting ready for the new semseter — I’d definitely like a few more days. Ah well. I think the granola just might make everything better.

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