FO: new day (also, zucchini and chard).

This is 150 yards of squishy, shiny, 2-ply made from 4 oz. of Spunky Club corriedale in the New Day colorway. The orange bits are my favorite part.

And here’s the zucchini ricotta galette I made for dinner last night. (I had company.) When Deb posted this recipe recently, I knew I had to make it. I think I’ve made every galette recipe she’s posted, and they’ve all been absolutely delicious!

I’m part of the way through plying the Pigeonroof Studios merino in the chard colorway, and I am absolutely loving the way the colors are combining. So pretty! In fact, pretty enough that I might put off the reading I must finish before my afternoon meeting to ply just a little bit more…


12 thoughts on “FO: new day (also, zucchini and chard).

  1. That first yarn coordinates beautifully with the galette!
    I made her butternut squash and and caramelised onion galette once – SO good. The onions were incredible (probably because they were like 10% onion 90% butter by the time you’re done with the recipe)… ah… making myself hungry now!

  2. The galette looks delicious! I printed the recipe right away, then managed to forget about it. I’ll have to pick up veggies for it at the farmer’s market this weekend!

  3. So glad to hear an independent review of the latest galette recipe… I adore her cabbage and mushroom one but wasn’t so sure about the zucchini. I will have to try it!

  4. I printed out that recipe as soon as she posted it, I’m hoping to make it this week; I’m also eyeing the mango slaw. You seem to try her recipes out faster than I do, it’s great to see the reviews! Your spinning is beautiful and so inspiring..always makes me anxious to get my wheel out. :)

  5. Yeah, I want to eat all of this too. (Can you tell I’ve been doing lots of eating lately?) That is lovely perfect yarn … and that galette looks crazy tasty. Officially on the “to cook soon” list.

  6. Love the PRS two-ply–don’t you just love her colorways? I have my eye on that zucchini recipe too–I’ll definitely have to give it a try now that it has rooster approval!

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