Yesterday I finished plying the Spunky Club corriedale in New Day. This stuff is hanging to dry, and should be all done by the time I get back from morning yoga today.

And this stuff — well, it just called to me yesterday. This is the first bobbin of Pigeonroof Studios Merino in the Chard colorway.

And this is the second bobbin. This stuff really did spin itself, and I am excited for the squishy 2-ply it will become.

Remember that huge skein of Eco-wool I had on the swift the other day? It is destined to become a Hemlock Ring blanket. Jodi of A Caffeinated Yarn and I are doing a mini-KAL, and already I’m convinced that this project is building my lace confidence. So nice to knit lace on size 10.5 needles! I recognize that this picture doesn’t necessarily reveal ANYTHING about the pattern, but I’m a bit further along now, at row 30. I am just about ready to transfer this to circulars, and then it will be both faster to knit on, and easier to conceptualize. I’ll snap more pictures.

And then there’s this guy. He didn’t do much of anything yesterday…except demonstrate that he really is long enough to take up the entire couch. That’s my dog!


4 thoughts on “pedaling/treadling.

  1. You’re spinning like the wind! Reorganizing your spinning area really paid off.

    I like the shade you picked for your Hemlock Ring. Mine looks like an amoeba poking out from my circular needles. I’m using 40″ circular needles — I magic looped at first, then switched to knitting in the round at some point. I’d like to switch out my 40″ cord for a bigger one now, but I need to rummage around and see if I even have one!

  2. I LOVE Boh! I love that you have a big dog. I want a big dog too – the more mine resembles a bear, the better. Hehe.
    Super impressed with your beautiful spinning skills, and your hemlock blanket is going to be great – I have been having strange urges to knit blankets recently myself (strange because it’s SO hot in London and I think knitting something so large and woollen would probably tip me over the edge from feeling constantly-too-hot-and-melty to being an actual puddle). So I shall knit vicariously through you until it cools off here, I think!

  3. Wow, so much spinning. I love the colors … and the blanket. That will be a very good blanket. Pass along a belly scratch for Boh from me — that is a belly begging to be scratched if I’ve ever seen one.

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