Enter my new camera. The old one, which, for the record, I’ve had to alternately shake/smack to get it to turn on for the last two years, up and died yesterday. I thought maybe it was the heat, but I tried every trick last night and this morning, and still, nothing. We’ve had a good run. Unfortunately, my life has become a money pit lately, and this didn’t help. (I may have spent the first hour of my day at the Honda service center in order to determine if the check engine light refers to something that impacts the overall drive-ability of my car. It doesn’t, so my plans for a weekend road trip are still on, which is good. The not-so-good? I will have to replace an oxygen sensor before my car’s next inspection. Oh, and I have a strut that should be replaced eventually. Can I apply for a fellowship to help with that? Ha.)

Anyway, it wasn’t until I opened the box that I realized my new camera is red! And I like it! Basically, I was looking for something that has a solid lens, wasn’t super expensive, had macro-capabilities, and used as much of the stuff from my old camera as possible, so I stuck with Sony. I can use the same memory cards, which is nice, but the battery for this baby is about half the thickness of the old ones.

Here’s where I was on Day 5 of the tour with my garland targhee singles. I’m going to try to spin a bit more tonight before Boh and I hit the road in the morning.

My textured shawl. I’m taking this with me — we’re off to see the friend who gifted me this fiber!

And a gratuitous zinnia shot to kick off the weekend!


10 thoughts on “red.

  1. A new camera sounds like fun! Will you post a review after you’ve been using it a while? I’m in the market for a new one, but I’m not in a rush.

    Bummer about the car, but at least it’s drivable in the meantime. Have a great weekend getaway!

  2. YaY for new cameras! My world changed when I got a new one for Christmas! Have a safe and fun journey! Hugs to Boh.

  3. Ugh to moneypit issues. Oxygen sensors & Hondas are not an inexpensive combination.

    Did you cut your hair & I’ve totally missed it, or it is just pulled up in the picture?

  4. Sorry to hear about your camera, but your new shiny one is so cute! Takes a nice photo, too! Though, it doesn’t hurt that your fibery subjects are pretty gorgeous on their own.

  5. Woo, red makes everything better! Have a lovely weekend! And if you find a fellowship to cover any of that, would you let me know? Life maintenance isn’t cheap.

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