boh, asleep.

First thing in the morning. I’ve already made the coffee. Boh is still in bed.

Late afternoon. I’m making progress on my garland singles. Boh is asleep on the floor.

Evening. Boh asleep on the couch. Doesn’t wake up when I sit down next to him and turn on the camera. In his defense, it has been incredibly hot — in the 90s. And humid. Today, Boh and I went swimming in the lake! A friend in my program has an adorable apartment right on the water, complete with a dock and a table with a big umbrella. There was wine, guacamole, iced tea, and swimming. (Well, I swam. Boh mostly stood in the water looking concerned about waves from passing motorboats. But I think he enjoyed it.) All that sun tired me out, too. I might have to curl up with Boh on the couch…


6 thoughts on “boh, asleep.

  1. I’d sell my firstborn for a lake with cool water! We’re heading towards 36-38 ° Celsius again…

  2. The spinning looks great, and your lake visit sounds awesome. It’s good to feel tuckered, sometimes. ;-) Excited to see more spinning!

  3. Boh is adorable! Alice is spending most of her time snoozing under various pieces of furniture, so she totally understands his situation. The lake sounds pretty perfect … hmmm, swimming. A very good idea.

  4. Perhaps in a former life Boh was a cat.. It finally is warm in Washington state too! Finally! Summer starts the 5th of July if you’re a Seattlelite.

  5. Stewart (the cat) leads a similarly stressful life. :) I think he sleeps about 22 hours per day. The awake times are right when we get home from work, then from 4-5am (joy).

    Hope you’re staying cool! The lake sounds like a nice way to do it.

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